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Feedback of the families

Feedback of the family from Lappeenranta. There are three children in the family (2, 5 and 7 years old) in addition to the parents.

"We had searched for an Au Pair for some time and it turned out that it was very difficult to get someone that
a) fulfilled the requirements
b) wanted to stay outside of Helsinki

For us it was for example very important that Au Pair already speaks fluent English (being the second language of our children) and has a driver's license.

We contacted several agencies in various countries, but finally it seemed to us that this agency was the best option and from them we received several matching candidates. This was all very easy experiment in general as we got the knowledge of someone coming several months ahead and enabled us to plan our own activities accordingly.

It was not a difficult choice to turn to this agency again when we needed to start looking for a new Au Pair - this time we found someone even sooner!"


Feedback of the family from Naantali. There are three children in the family (15, 13 and 9 years old) in addition to the parents.

Perheeni on ollut Euromaan asiakkaana jo 6 vuotta ja olemme olleet tyytyväisiä toimintaan ja myös tyttöihin, joita meillä on ollut au pair vaihdossa. Meidän vanhempien työstä johtuen olemme tarvinneet apua lasten- ja kodinhoidossa ja tällä tavalla arki on sujunut hyvin. Tytöt ovat tulleet Puolasta, Slovakiasta, Tsekeistä ja Saksasta ja he kaikki ovat puhuneet hyvää englantia. Meillä on kolme lasta, jotka kaikki ovat oppineet kommunikoimaan englanniksi sujuvasti, nuorimmainen on nyt 9-vuotias. Minusta tämän vaihdon bonus on se, että lasten kynnys puhua englantia häviää ja puhuminen on luontevaa. Kaikki tytöt ovat myös viihtyneet hyvin Suomessa ja tärkeää on ollut, että heillä on myös perheen ulkopuolisia ystäviä ja menoja. Euromaa on järjestänyt yhteydet ja sopimukset nopeasti ja sujuvasti ja vaihto on aina mennyt hyvin. Suosittelen Euromaata välittäjäksi, jos on tarvetta tällaiselle avulle.

Feedback of the Au Pairs

Verena (from Germany):

"Now my year as Au Pair in Finland is over and I am leaving back to Germany, my mind wided with many new experiences, impressions and memories.

I got to know about this agency from a friend who also worked as Au Pair in Finland. Before I got in contact with the company, I tried to find a host family with help of some internet pages where Au Pairs and families could register. But the search for a family was not successful and I gave up searching there after I found out about the agency.

The agency offered me some families to choose of and I could ask many things which were always answered fast and helped me to find a family. I was really satisfied with the service and another positive thing for me applying as Au Pair was that I did not have to pay for the placement. Also good was that I had time to think about my decisions and I could get quite a lot of information about the families. All was uncomplicated and I was sure that I now would find a fitting family.

So I got in closer contact with the family with who I later agreed to stay. Now after the year with them I can say that I really found a nice and friendly family with who I never had any problems. We came along very well and the work was not too much or too hard. They had described their expectations well, so I knew already before what they wished me to do and I did not have any bad surprises. I had my duties, of course, but I also had quite a lot of freedom and I cannot complain about anything. I felt accepted and like a family member.

Looking back into this year I can say that I do not regret my decision to spend a year as Au Pair in Finland. I am glad about all and would not have like to miss all the experiences."

Barbara (from Poland): 

"I was thinking about going as Au Pair to Finland for a while. The problem was how to find a nice suitable family. In Internet I have found a contact information of Euromaa agency. I contacted them, sent my application documents and was so surprised that I was offered a couple of nice families very quickly.

So here I am now. I enjoy being an Au Pair in Finland. Host family is nice, the children are lovely. I am placed in an area I was dreaming about and do the things I like so much - being with kids and taking care of them! Being so far 3 months here I have managed to learn some Finnish and find new friends."

Irina (from Russia):

I am happy I found “Euromaa” agency when I decided to be an Au Pair. I am grateful to this agency for kindness and great support (I got the answers for any questions during whole year); for fast and honest work. I felt I was protected with this agency. Thank you for everything you done for me and keep going - you are excellent!

I spent whole year as Au Pair in Finland. It was amazing and very practical experience in my life. I lived in a wonderful city with a nice family, excepting parents and child there were dog, two cats and aquarium’s fishes. I got a new friends, I studied Finnish language, I learned a lot about Finnish culture and traditions. Being Au Pair is exciting, and at the same time sometimes it is hard and not all the time nice moments. But being a bit positive and with such an excellent “Euromaa” help, it turns into a great nice experience and vivid recollections!

Johanna (from Germany):

I am really fine. The family is nice, I have lots of freedoms and I like the landscape. It is very beautiful here. I think most of the Fins are quite nice and helpful- I enjoy this.  

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